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Jon Stolpe’s new book, Rooftop Reflections, will inspire you and challenge you to live a fuller, extraordinary life.

In Rooftop Reflections, Jon takes readers on a fantastic journey to an extraordinary place, as he shares his thoughts and experiences from the rooftop of a house in Santo Domingo Xenacoj, Guatemala. As you join him, you’ll meet the special people who have transformed Jon’s life and be challenged to look for ways to find the extraordinary in your own life.

Hear Jon’s Heart…

It just might change your life

“Jon’s stories from Guatemala will inspire, move, and motivate you to consider how you can expand your horizons and serve others more deeply. I loved this heartfelt book and know you’ll love it as well. If you’re not careful, it just might change your life!”

-Kent Sanders

writer, musician, creative coach, and professor. Author of The Artist’s Suitcase (

take a few minutes each day to go up on the rooftop with jon

“…Jon does a masterful job of letting us peek into the human emotion of God’s edict to ‘help the widows and orphans.’ If you can’t go yourself, then take a few minutes each day to go up on the rooftop in Guatemala with Jon, and see it through the eyes of a man sold out to showing the love of Jesus in the midst of real need. It will inspire you to seek God’s direction in how to get involved.”

-Diane Karchner

author, speaker, teacher. Ministry Director for Renewing the Heart Ministries (

rooftop reflections will make you want to go and serve

“Jon Stolpe shared his heart for missions and Guatemala in such a way that his story pricks your heart and makes you long to be there alongside him. If you have a heart, and even if you don’t, for missions, Rooftop Reflections will make you want to go and serve.”

-Joe Lalonde

writer, blogger, leadership guru. Podcast host for The Answers From Leadership Podcast (

Jon captures the essence of the gospel

“….In chronicling his trip to Guatemala… Jon captures the essence of the gospel, which is loving and serving others in order to earn the right to share Jesus with them. As Jon writes about the events of his trip he gently coaxes the reader to consider the possibility of going on a mission trip. Rooftop Reflections not only offers a look into the lives of people in a Guatemalan village, but also into the heart of a man called to serve the least of these by building homes for widows.  Journey with Jon through the pages of this book and you just might decide to journey with him to Guatemala one day.”

-Leah Adams

writer, speaker, blogger. Author of HeBrews: A Better Blend Bible Study and When Words Won’t Come Devotional (

Meet Jon

Jon Stolpe is an operations manager for a construction firm in the Philadelphia area. He’s passionate about his family, leadership development, missions, and personal growth. Jon has a heart for providing homes and hope to the widows and orphans in Guatemala and has a dream of building one hundred (or more) houses there.

a must-read for anyone with a heart for loving their neighbor

“In Rooftop Reflections, Jon takes us along for the ride down the dusty dirt roads of Guatemala and into the warm homes and hearts of the people of Xenacoj. We climb up onto the roof to join him as he gazes out on the beauty all around and reflects on how God is working to restore and rebuild lives there. You’ll be inspired by Jon’s vision for building 100 homes in Guatemala and will ask yourself, like I did, ‘How can I make a difference in my world?’ This is a must-read for anyone with a heart for loving their neighbor, whether half a world away… or right next door.”

-Shawn Washburn

writer, creative, engineer. Self-proclaimed bacon-lover (

The words in this book will inspire and challenge you

“In Rooftop Reflections, you will read Jon’s firsthand experience of taking a missions trip to Guatemala to build houses and share the gospel.  He openly shares the experiences and thoughts he had each day of the trip. My heart was stirred when reading and watching the correlating videos from this book. The words in this book will inspire and challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and take a missions trip.”

-Dan Black

writer, blogger, leadership expert. Author of The Leadership Mandate and The Little Book of Personal Growth (

Help make this world a better place

“Jon’s heart for Guatemala shines through as he walks us through his experiences firsthand. He shares the complex feelings as well as the reality of life in a different country. His passion for helping others and making a difference are evident throughout the stories and images shared. Rooftop Reflections will challenge and enlighten you to find your dream and take a step towards making it happen so that you can help make this world a better place.”

-Tammy Helfrich

coach, writer, podcast host, speaker. Author of Right Where You Are: Encouragement Journal (

Jon reminds us what living for others means

“In a world of on-the-go busyness, Jon reminds us what living for others means. His determination to build 100 homes in Guatemala and tell the stories of slower days, roof top reflections, and people that he’s met leaves you looking at your life’s purpose. I am inspired to live more intentionally.”

-Alene Snodgrass

writer, speaker, teacher. Author of Dirty Laundry Secrets and I’m A Fixer Upper(

Make a Difference

If you’re sensing a call to something deeper and meaningful in your life, consider joining Jon in his dream of building 100 homes in Guatemala.
You could make a difference by giving generously, knowing that your resources can become a blessing for those that desperately need it…
…or maybe you’re being led to leave the comfort of your surrounds to join Jon in Guatemala, being stretched and changed as you make a difference…

Jon writes because he believes in what he does

“We need more people like Jon Stolpe in the world. Today, it seems like authors are writing about anything and everything just to become popular or make money. But in Rooftop Reflections, Jon takes us on a two-week journey through the mission field. Rooftop Reflections has the honest feel of a personal journal. Jon Stolpe doesn’t write for money or fame. He writes because he truly believes in what he does. Join Jon on his journey to build houses for the needy of this world. Jon’s book is a work of life experience, love, and faith.”

-Dan Erickson

writer, speaker, musician, creative coach and consultant. Author of The Cult Trilogy (

Jon does not do mission – he lives it

“…. Jon Stolpe writes about what he lives out.  Jon does not do mission – he lives it.  He has stepped out into a goal to build 100 homes for the widows of Xenacoj, Guatemala.  However, Jon knows that being missional is not just about projects; it is about the Gospel of Jesus and people….Like Jesus, he gathers around the table to invest in the people of Xenacoj.  Jon’s writing is real and honest and it clearly comes from his heart.  Jon describes himself as just an ordinary guy, but he is far from ordinary.  He has grasped the understanding of what it means to give your life away for the cause of Christ.  Read on if you are ready to truly be missional.”

-Jon Stallings

pastor (Life Church in Conyers, GA), evangelist, writer, speaker. (

Will you choose to be bigger than yourself?

Rooftop Reflections is so much more than an ordinary guy attempting to change the world.  It is a movement of change in another country brought on by God’s will in Jon’s heart to serve the fatherless.  It is truly greater than us all, yet so closely within reach.  Three average American homes today will shelter 100 widows in Guatemala tomorrow.  The choice to be a part of that magnificent transaction is yours.  The only question I have for you is will you join us?  Will you choose to be bigger than yourself and create your own rooftop reflections?  Jon’s story will inspire you to become who you were created to be and truly learn how one can live to give.”

-Jason Pockrandt

TEDx speaker, success coach, writer. Author of Father-Daughter Conversations and The Confident Father’s Guidebook (

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